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Align with the chi-cycle and make recovery a journey of discovery


Aligning with the chi cycle begins in the morning. Get up as early as you can and immediately do some chi practices and exercise. This gets chi moving and puts you in an altered state. This is exactly how you want to start each day after drugs. The alternative is starting out feeling stuck and trapped in normal reality – and that will make you want drugs. Having an extraordinary life – or not – after drugs, hinges entirely on how early you can get up and into chi each day. Early morning offers exclusive access to an assortment of mystical opportunities from downloading chi to getting on track to your destiny.

The details of your contract, your destiny, are coded and stored in your organs and you need to be in an altered state to access the information. This is why those trippers take peyote and wander around the desert on a vision quest, but if you hit an altered state naturally via a chi practice early in the morning, your internal organ code-breakers will naturally be activated, enabling information on your contract to be released. As this happens within the structure of the chi cycle it is in alignment with Dao, and other mystical processes are also activated. There are invisible destiny gateways available to keep you on the cosmic track throughout each day, and the first of these will now open. So you’ll have some extraterrestrial help on your quest.

In the early morning, you also have the perfect internal organ environment for resolving the drug darkness and switching over to the light. Cosmic yang is gaining momentum at this time too, and just being up and moving means the force will be with you for the day ahead; so you won’t be wasting your own reserves of chi. Get up early, do a chi practice and you will start out with a range of physical and metaphysical advantages.

Discover your destiny every day

The cosmic chi connection

Cosmic chi also showers the earth early in the morning.

If you do specific breathing techniques and chi practices at this time, you can access this. Remember, the more chi you have, the more extraordinary everything will become. Specific chi techniques are necessary to assist in this process. They can awaken cosmic chi, which can then find the cosmic self and draw it into your body.

Start with a classic chi-gung. Stand still, arms by your sides, legs shoulder width apart and knees slightly bent. This is known as a ‘correction posture’. It is a simple pose, but it aligns the three major energy centres in your body with Dao. Your analytical, judgmental internal dialogue (I’m a loser, I’m a hopeless addict, I can’t do it, etc.) automatically slows down; so you can get closer to your cosmic self. Then direct your awareness inwards to your five major organs (lungs, heart, liver, kidney and spleen) and outwards to the far reaches of the cosmos. This makes a connection between your organs and the cosmic chi matrix.

Then, while exhaling, squat down low and visualise scooping up earth energies with your hands. As you rise up, inhale and draw those energies to your heart with your hands. While still inhaling reach your arms up and then draw ‘heavenly’ energies down into your heart while exhaling. Repeat this slowly for several minutes. This simple action acknowledges that we belong equally in the physical and mystical worlds. Next I recommend doing a stationary chi-gung, which ‘gathers chi’, followed by postures which circulate and direct that chi through your body. Chi heals; so this is the perfect time to direct chi to emotional or physical pain. After chi practices do some weights and cardio exercise.

Not many people like to get up early to do a chi practice (not even me and I’ve been doing it for decades), but once you are up and into it, it feels so good you won’t want to stop. So think of it this way: if you once got up for drugs, as I did, you’ve already programmed yourself to wake up and change the way you feel. Keep doing that, but do it early in the morning and for chi highs. Not as much fun as getting up for drugs you say? Suck it up, because if you get up to find your cosmic self, eventually you are going to have more fun than you ever imagined.

Wake up to change the way you feel

Feed your cosmic self

We are after as many heightened states as possible each day after drugs, and also aiming to get ever closer to our cosmic side. Breakfast plays a critical support role in this. Sit down, relax and eat a warm cooked breakfast. This allows the mystical internal processes you initiated with the chi practices to continue. The awareness of your cosmic self will move to your heart, the seat of knowledge and love. The most common thing I hear from clients is ‘I don’t know who I am’ or ‘I’m nobody’. This chi-cycle lifestyle* creates a powerful connection to who you really are and this becomes stronger every day.

But you need to eat breakfast for this. I treat plenty of people who tell me that they don’t eat breakfast, as if it’s a choice! It’s not. Skip breakfast and you are reducing your chances of finding your cosmic self, and of being able to escape reality. A nourishing breakfast also provides the fuel for a productive morning; so you won’t be exploiting your own reserves of chi. Porridges or congees are ideal.

Most ex-users can’t stomach food in the morning, let alone warm, cooked food, but if you think ‘yuck’ just at the thought of this, it is an indication of nutrient and chi deficiency. High-powered nutritional supplements will help with this.

Think of cooking as an opportunity for alchemy. You can work with the elements – fire and chi – to create meals that support your cosmic quest. A certain amount of the chi of food is in the steam, and if you want the full chi-building mystical breakfast experience, take a moment before eating to allow the steam/chi to enter your meridians via an acupuncture point at the end of your nose. Its metaphysical role is to welcome your food. This might sound poetic, but Chinese medicine is highly practical. Expanding your awareness to consciously welcome your breakfast also improves your digestion – a critical factor in accelerating your drug recovery.

After a breakfast like this, you are now primed for some mystical visualisations and affirmations. There is a powerhouse meridian which runs all the way from your eyebrows, over the top of your head down your back, to your toes. It connects all the major organs. So, after you finish eating, sit still for a few minutes and visualise power rolling up that meridian – up your spine from the base, over the top of your head and down the centre of your forehead to the point of your third eye. This is the acupuncture point for clairvoyance (clear vision). Now project your intent for the day with the affirmation, ‘I will see everything in the day ahead through the eyes of my cosmic self’. This gets your body, mind and spirit on the same page and ready to work hard.

Remember who you really are and what you are here for

Go to work in an altered state

Conjure up a past ice, speed or cocaine experience to get an idea of just how good an aligned morning’s work can naturally feel. If you’ve started your day in chi, body and spirit, instead of waking up and letting your mind run riot, your mind can now be governed by your organs. It will be working for you. It will be a friend, rather than an enemy of Dao. As some information on your purpose and destiny has been released, your mind can now be harnessed to executing your cosmic goals.

Work hard now and you’ll feel the exhilarating rush as your mind, chi and the cosmos move forward in unison. Your spleen and heart are being charged with cosmic chi now. As your spleen is connected to your mind, focus, clarity of thought and fluid communication, and your heart is the seat of intelligence and love, together they can light the ‘fire of destiny’. It is our duty to pursue our destiny and dreams, but it’s a duty we mostly neglect because we get caught up in the acquired world, and notions of being responsible, and doing what we are supposed to do rather than what we were born to do. ‘It’s too risky’ is the mantra of the acquired self. This is not the path to happiness.

It doesn’t matter how good a chi practice makes you feel, if you don’t pursue your destiny as well, cravings will rise again. There’s no point staying in a job that you used to be able to do on drugs or while hungover from drugs. Challenge yourself, expand your business into new areas, change your job, or train to be what your cosmic self longs for. This will probably trigger fear of failure or of the unknown, but keep moving forward regardless and you will build your willpower and strength. I believe that drugs are an evolutionary tool. Their role is to create change. Respect this by leaving the old behind and embracing the new in every part of your life. Be proactive and ‘nourish’ your destiny.

Use this yang time of the day to make a start on achieving your dreams. If you don’t know what these are grab a piece of paper and divide it into two columns. Write in the left-hand side anything you can think of that you always wanted to do – whether it’s starting a charity, writing a book, saving the rainforest or making a documentary. Then, in the right-hand column, list the steps necessary to practically achieve this; things like taking classes, studying scripts, applying for jobs or building your website. Do these tasks in the mornings.

You want each morning to feel purposeful and productive, otherwise you’ll sense that something is wrong, something is missing. You don’t know what it is; so you’ll think it’s the drugs. Cravings arise making you susceptible to relapse.

So even if you have a job you don’t like or consider meaningless, still work hard and purposefully until lunchtime. This moves stagnant chi, which means that making positive changes will become easier. Resist spending the morning gossiping at the water cooler or sending joke emails around. You won’t be in sync with the cosmic forces and it will work against you.

If you are unemployed, avoid watching TV, lying around listening to music, reading magazines or doing things for entertainment in the morning. Unemployment means you have a fantastic opportunity to make finding your cosmic self your job (this is, in fact, everyone’s real job). So during the morning look for books, websites or videos about inspiring people, challenging journeys, amazing superfoods, multidimensional universes, martial arts or cutting edge holistic therapies. Chi will flow.

Bear in mind that your life won’t suddenly be easy once you follow your destiny. The path to purpose is never smooth, but it’s not supposed to be. The idea is to just get stuck into it regardless. Getting involved with life on earth is how the Dao realises itself. We are here to do things, to have a go, and to do that in the yang part of the day with the backing of the cosmos.

It is your duty to follow your dreams

Peace for lunch

There is a system behind an aligned day. Yang is expansion, it rises. Cosmic yang slowly builds in the first half of the day and if your actions have been aligned with this – a chi practice, followed with a nourishing breakfast and at least four hours of working purposefully – information about your cosmic self will also rise and subtly infiltrate your consciousness. Lunchtime is an opportunity to experience the deep inner peace that the emotional security of a strong sense of self and purpose creates. This is a priceless feeling for an ex-drug user.

By lunchtime, cosmic yang switches over to yin and your actions need to align with this. Sit back and calmly eat a warm nourishing lunch. Again, what and how you eat is critical, because you will either be feeding your acquired self, depleting your chi and contributing to misery and confusion, or feeding your cosmic self, building chi and a bright future.

Having a sandwich at your desk, for example, or while rushing around multi-tasking, interrupts your inner mystical processes and feeds your acquired self. By 3:30pm you’ll be craving something like a sugar hit, a snooze or a line of Columbian marching powder. This interrupts your ability to know who you are and what you are here for and you’ll be more likely to waste time doing acquired things like making other people’s lives miserable or buying into other people’s attempts to make your life miserable.

Feed your cosmic self with a warm nutritious meal though, and things will be different. The cosmic self is not interested in gossip, or in having opinions or judgment. It is free from reactive emotionality and accepts everything. The cosmic self doesn’t look for value outside itself. The cosmic self doesn’t eat sandwiches and it doesn’t work through lunch. It understands how critical it is to live in harmony with the great cycles of yin and yang.

*       Jost’s 24 hour chi cycle was also published in its entirety in the LivingNow annual, 2009. They were completely sold out, but we recently found a box of annuals in a cupboard. So we are very pleased to be able to offer them at $25 each, including postage. There are several left. Please email or ring 1300 730 326.

This article is part of a series of articles excerpted with permission from The Rebel’s Guide to Recovery by Jost Sauer and published by Centre of Dao, Maleny, Australia.

If you want to fast forward your life, the entire book is available for download from Amazon.

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