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Yoda, a passion for fashion, and early steps on a path that no-one knew was there

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Hello Dear Fellow Adventurer,

In the last blog I wrote about how our every step is watched over. This time I want to tell you about our fashion editor, Melisa Gray-Ward, and how we were apparently on this path ten years ago but didn’t realise it then.

Yes, if you have advertised with us in the past, you will remember Melisa’s name. She worked for me for quite a few years before moving on to a digital agency. She and I, while being very different, were pretty much always able to understand each other.

Melisa started work with us as an extremely shy seventeen-year-old volunteer, during her year 11 at school. She was so shy that she would whisper or mumble into the phone and no-one would know what she was saying. I’d get calls from people who would tell me that they knew that the person who rang was from LivingNow, but they didn’t know what she had said to them. (I have run this by her now and have her permission to say this about her.)

However, she was such a bright kid and picked things up so well that I began to really look forward to having her help and I decided to offer her a job. During this time she would often share lovely fashion photos with me and it was through her influence that I came to appreciate fashion as an art form. After she’d been working with us for a few years she went to night school and studied fashion and textiles. She also developed her taste in fashionable clothing – and, much to her chagrin, I used to remind her that she at first turned up to work in jeans and wearing a Yoda backpack.

She currently lives in Berlin where she works as a freelance writer and editor, focusing on fashion and culture – and now I am over the moon that she has accepted a role as LivingNow’s new fashion editor. Her interest in sustainability and her experience as a fashion writer means that she is the perfect person to bring together the green fashion offerings for the revamped LivingNow.

If you wish to offer contributions to the fashion side of the magazine, photographs and/or editorial, you can reach Melisa via

In our March issue Melisa is interviewing Sydney’s Rachael Cassar, maybe Australia’s superstar when it comes to upcycling fashions for the catwalk. It is one of her models pictured on the front cover.

Note that submissions must cover recycled, upcycled, green, fair trade, non-sweat-shop or authentic fashion only. LivingNow has always offered options to mainstream, and fashion is no exception to this.

With love
Elizabeth Jewell Stephens

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