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You are a brave warrior of change

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It is a brave warrior of peaceful change that takes compassionate steps to understanding the true self and then seeks counsel for improvement and clarity.


Through our conditioning, it may be difficult to ask for help, yet we are born to learn to both give and receive pleasure.

In our hearts we all desire to serve others, it is our dharma (destiny) to take action to uplift and serve, yet we must self-honour and give to ourself before we can give to others.

A commitment to self-honour with an increasing curiosity in how we may best serve others, will lead to the greatest happiness. As individuals we are meant to be happy. It is our birthright to be in command of our own destiny.

When you begin on your journey of self-improvement, you are ultimately desiring to return to your true self by releasing habits that no longer serve you; so that you may be of service. Many limiting habits are formed in utero (passed down through generations and your birth mother’s own habits) and in the first five years of your life. The mere physical contractions that occurred within your body in response to your early life experiences will have caused a shortening of your breath, and if this becomes a habitual way of breathing, your life experience reduces and shortens. Unhealthy breathing habits are a root cause of much unhappiness and ill health.

All habits that constrict you can be changed with the help of wise and learned individuals that bring you into self-awareness and through your own practice of commitment to change. It is important that you seek help from someone you trust and also equally important you create a trust of yourself.

Ancient yogis believe that to break unwanted habits a commitment to a 40-day practice of a mantra, a meditation or breath focus (pranayam) will afford you victory over self-limiting behaviour. Also, your ongoing ability to just keep showing up for yourself builds an inner trust that will shift how you feel towards yourself and we can all benefit with feeling better towards ourselves.

So to get the most out of your counsel, you might choose to explore a kundalini yoga mantra for change, a Tibetan meditation for peace or a simple pranayam practice (breath work). Just three minutes a day for 40 days is all you need commit to this practice. Just try it and experience the positive ripple effect of your commitment to self, ‘sat nam’ (true self).


Akal Pritam Kaur is an intuitive guide, artist and author. Together with her partner Aaron Wilson she created The Turquoise Lotus in Byron Bay.

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