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Medical astrology is an ancient concept takes the spiritual and medical worlds and combines their forces to help detect and prevent health ailments sooner rather than later.


Dating back to at least 400BC, medical astrology was first developed by Hippocrates, the ‘father of medicine’ and the same man medical doctors now take an oath from. It was his opinion that no one should call themselves a doctor unless they were also an astrologer, and no diagnosis could be made without the assistance of astrological detail.

Practised as the most common form of healing well into the 17th century, medical astrology is the art of healing using the information derived from a person’s natal / birth chart. Based on the movement of planetary bodies in the zodiac, medical astrology believes the birth chart to be our celestial DNA and analyses how imbalances manifest in our bodies.

“The natal chart accurately describes one’s potential internal conflicts, which can lead to imbalances,” says Kamal Kapoor, an Indian astrologer with over 10 years of astrological experience.

“When the natal chart is studied in light of present or future planetary movements, medical astrology provides insight into the timing of events and may give us clues as to when problems may begin, or taper off. It can provide vital life-saving information,” he continues. “Through its applications, one can often solve a medical problem before its onset.

“That’s one of the great things about medical astrology,” adds Rob Tillett, publisher and editor of Astrology on the Web. “It can enable us to work around the timing of diseases, accidental injuries and other health problems, and to estimate the duration of any illness. Tendencies regarding general health and wellbeing can be ascertained by an analysis of the birth chart,” he explains, “allowing the prescription of suitable tonics and preventative measures at appropriate times during a person’s lifespan.”

Medical astrology works on the basis of creating remedies according to long-established principals of the way the body responds to herbs, minerals and other techniques. And, as each of these methods have correspondence with planetary movement, they can be used to counteract negative planetary forces and enable the restoration of health.

Perhaps this is the most inviting aspect of this form of healing – its ability to develop remedies and estimate timing of diseases based on an understanding of the correspondence between the planetary energies and the way they affect the human body.

“Prevailing environmental conditions cannot keep health disorders at bay,” it states at vedicfuture.com. “But if Medical astrology is introduced as a subject in the curriculum of a medical syllabus, the natural sufferings would be alleviated completely, and if practiced correctly, it may even help in maintaining good health.”

Known in the east as ‘Ayurveda’, medical astrology is widely used throughout eastern countries and, although it has generally been used worldwide for many years, the rise of science in medicine in recent years has caused medical astrology to fall into dispute in the west.

“To the best of my knowledge, astrology and medicine were not, even in the west, regarded as two separate disciplines until some centuries ago,” says Ingrid Naiman of astroheal.com. “Before that, all educated persons were broadly acquainted with astrology, philosophy and medicine.”

Today, there is considered to be, perhaps, a substantial difference between the two.

“Medicine, as it is practiced today, essentially subscribes to the view that disease is pathological and that it needs to be destroyed or removed,” explains Naiman. “It does not see disease as arising from imbalance but rather as entering from without due to invasion of micro-organisms whose power for havoc is estimated as immense.”

Rather than destroying disease each time it manifests in our bodies, medical astrology focuses on strengthening our weaknesses in order to prevent illness, thus not requiring a cure.

“[The argument between western medicine and eastern healing] is due to a now entrenched misunderstanding of the nature of the symbolic relationship between ourselves and natural forces,” says Tillett. “However, as people are becoming more disillusioned with the medico-drug-technological culture, they are turning more and more to effective natural methods. Medical Astrology and Herbalism, and other methods of Ayurveda are thus becoming more firmly established and reasserting their position.”

Depending on the problem and its timing, Tillett explains, medical astrology can be used alone, or combined with western medicine. “Some herbs may conflict with some drugs,” he says, “so patients should advise their doctors if they are getting any form of alternative therapy using medical astrology.”

Generally, a medical practitioner requires just three pieces of information to perform this type of healing: a person’s full birth date, their time of birth and the place they were born.

“Medical astrology is always developing and growing, just like any other living science,” adds Tillett. “It allows us to gain insight into an individual’s specific needs, according to the unique qualities of the chart.” Timing, duration and remedial methods, and the ability to gain a clear vision of the beginnings and outcome of potentially stressful periods in the future, are all good points of this system,” he concludes.

“Our bodies must be in harmony with their environments in order to prosper,” says Tillet, adding that modern life is quite out of harmony with natural rhythms. “Medical astrology gives us a way to recover the natural balance and harmony required for optimum wellbeing.”

Perhaps this is the reason medical astrology is becoming more and more popular across the globe. Imagine contracting the flu but knowing that you will be rid of it within four days. Consider how your positive mood would rush an illness away should you happen to be told that you wouldn’t suffer from it longer than a week. Professionals at vedicfuture.com add that astrology is no longer an occult science of the east but, today, it is viewed as a modern science based on research and analysis. So while a doctor has to conduct a physical examination before diagnosing a patient, a medical astrologer is able to diagnose an affliction without ever seeing the patient.

Not only is this valuable to the patient, but many people find it reassuring to know that whatever they may be suffering from should last no longer than a specified amount of time.

But, says Tillett, “There are no guarantees in life. Suitable recommendations from a skilled practitioner can prevent the body from falling out of harmony, proper treatment based on astrological factors can restore harmony to a damaged bodily schema, medical astrology can warn of sensitive or vulnerable periods coming up in the future and prescribe ways to deflect the worst effects of these, and proper treatment using astrological methods can cure health problems, but it depends on the individual situation, as it does with any treatment in any other modality.” It is likely, anyway, that the majority of the world’s population will take comfort in more than one type of healing, as each has individual positive aspects.

“There have always been empirical and clinical approaches to health,” says Ingrid Naiman of astroheal.com. “There have always been surgeons and herbalists, those who employ toxic medicines and those who use only benign remedies. What is new is the tremendous sway the one school of medicine has over the modern mind. What is new is the political and economic power of a school of medicine representing but one possibility in many.”

Some people apply new ideas instantly,” she adds, “while others wait years before putting their toes in the water. It’s individual, but one should expect that expertise, whether of the patient or practitioner, grows with practice.”

“In the meantime,” Naiman concludes, “I would suggest you follow the advice of the ancients, and heal thyself!”


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