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Imagine yourself on a sailing ship, way out at sea, with no destination in mind. IF you have only your instincts and intuition to guide you, having no maps or gadgets to chart the way, and enough water and food to last for a few months, where do you think you might sail? To the nearest destination, a distant shadow in the horizon? Or will you hoist up the sails so that the wind takes you out to the clear, unknown waters in the other direction, trusting that you will find your way?

How many of us trust that we will find, or be shown, the way and make the second choice, the path less travelled? This is the way of the adventurous, creative spirit.

It seems impossible to take the time out of our busy, regimented lives to let go and follow our dreams by intuition and instinct alone. Instead, we set our sights on what we know, what we can see, and what is expected of us within the main stream of life. Being prepared to take risks and trust in the unknown, as well as staying solidly connected to your truth, your own way, may not always be a smooth journey, but it will awaken you to the light and love within yourself in a way that is impossible to describe. From my own experience of living this way, while a part of me yearns from time to time for the predictability and security of being in the main stream of life, I know I can never allow myself to immerse myself fully into that predictable, yet often spiritually unconscious, way ever again.

Knowing who you are and what brings you joy will enable you to truly value yourself and be conscious of and confident in the way you choose to walk the earth. I have learned that when you take time to know yourself well and are true to your values, completely trusting that you will find your way, your way will find you. Life becomes simple, and it is easier to remain grounded, strong and resilient, in preparation for any challenges that come your way to assist your soul in its mission of expansion.

Whichever way you choose, the safest and most predictable, or the intuitive way of complete trust without any attachment to outcomes, I wish you well, and encourage you to step out into the world confidently and consciously, in love and gratitude always – and in all ways.

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